Do you think that VPN is used only to provide confidentiality? It is not so. We suggest You to read this article to discover 15 reasons to connect to the VPN, which You probably never even knew existed.

Value-added virtual private network

Virtual private networks have long been used to ensure privacy on the Internet. They guarantee a level of privacy for computers and Internet users that You just can’t get in any other place. How it works: the program creates a digital tunnel through which Your traffic will be redirected, protecting Your connection from prying eyes. To do this, Your connection is through remote servers, masking Your IP address, often with the addition of encryption and other security features, making it virtually impossible to identify You, Your network and Your computer to third parties.

Most often, VPNs are used to doing business when you want to provide LAN access to remote users, without fear of information leakage.

If You do not have the remote network, You have the right to ask the question, why you need a VPN and why You VPN?

Believe it or not, but the benefits of using a virtual private network go well beyond a simple personal life. There are many situations when You just need. Read on to learn more.

15 important reasons why you need a VPN

1. To watch YouTube and other media resources while maintaining high speed, bypassing the limitations of Your Internet service provider

The data transfer speed is very important for users and Internet service providers are often slow, so there are even sites that measure the speed of different Internet service providers which You can use to test the efficacy of compounds with different Internet suppliers worldwide.

If You want to watch videos or movies on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms without annoying outages, buffer or other obstacles, then a good VPN is Your reliable assistant.

Similar problems were not only from YouTube, but EW other websites are streaming media. French Internet users have reported that their providers slow down the connection speed when streaming from YouTube, but this problem is easy to solve when you connect to Le VPN.

2. Play online games without fear of reducing the speed from Your ISP
YouTube is not the only site that suffers from the actions of Internet service providers. Internet games streaming video, especially if You are not on an unlimited data plan, also require high speeds. If you consider that game producers often use BitTorrent for distributing updates and bug fixes, and Torrent traffic, as you know, dramatically increases the load on the network, it is not surprising that Internet service providers begin to “throttle” or even block the data transmission.

Using a VPN will not allow Your ISP to intervene and slow down the speed of the game.

3. Free to watch TV of other countries in stream mode
The Internet gives the opportunity to watch almost all TV channels of the world. This means You can view original programming from ABC, Discovery Channel, and the BBC on Your computer, and, in most cases, absolutely free. However, there is a limit. You, the viewer, should be in the country channel. To get around this obstacle, You need a VPN.

The virtual private network will mask Your IP address as if You are in the right country, say the UK if You want to watch BBC or in the US, if You’re going to watch Discovery or History Channel. Such a reliable provider of VPN service like Le VPN has many servers around the world, allowing users to choose a country for your IP address at will. Le VPN offers the customers to select a server in any of the more than 114 countries, and this is a great choice to get free streaming TV.

4. To avoid eavesdropping
Nobody wants to be overheard. If You are using a home network or work in an office, eavesdropping can be prevented, but if You access the Internet from public areas such as airport, hotel or Internet café, there may be a problem. The fact that such connections are not encrypted and not protected Your personal and inaccessible to anyone with a password, making them easily accessible for intruders, the purpose of which is penetration into Your privacy. If You doubt that I can be overheard over the Internet, remember how many You know are legitimate apps that allow you to control the pastime of Your children, the activities of Your employees or contacts of Your Spouse. Now I know that a hacker can do it. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use, as You may have guessed, a virtual private network.

A virtual private network will mask the route of Your traffic, but will also be able to encrypt data and hide Your computer or cell phone from curious people.

5. To order purchases in foreign online stores
How nice, once abroad, to go shopping and buy something that is not in Your country, but still at a handsome price. However, more and more people purchase foreign goods without going abroad, just by ordering them via the Internet. According to InternetRetailer.com 24 percent of online shoppers made a purchase of products from companies located outside their home country.

Sometimes the payment of the goods from abroad becomes problematic or troublesome because of the differences between financial systems. For example, the seller is not willing to accept payment from Your credit or Bankcard, because it was issued in another country and he is not sure of its reliability. The seller may require You to provide supporting documents or data may prompt You to send a picture of Your card along with a copy of the passport, it may take a lot of time and nerves.

Using a VPN and changing your virtual location of the online stores, You can avoid all the obstacles and make Your experience of purchasing on online stores is much more pleasant.

6. Unblock international library regional restricted content
Unblocking geo-restricted content is a serious reason for using a VPN.

Netflix and Hulu of full content, which is often unavailable in some countries due to copyright laws or censorship. These sites have different content for different countries. They, as a content provider, and may not be available in Your state, but it does mean that all content on this website will be unavailable for You. Other reasons for geo-blocking are different license agreements and practice price discrimination when the cost of material for different viewers or providers.

This problem can also be solved by using a VPN server in the country of origin that creates the effect of Your presence in this country. Of course, some content providers actively block VPNs, so that the audience can’t get around all these restrictions. For example, libraries of Netflix in most countries of the world more Nedostup with the VPN after Netflix began to block all proxies. But there are many other sites where high-speed VPN can come to the rescue!

7. Securely connect to any Wi-Fi network
Wifi connections are very vulnerable. Your contact at any time may be subject to hacking or eavesdropping. Piracy is always a massive problem for any Internet user, regardless of where and how he got access to the Internet. Attackers who try to access Your computer or device, always use weaknesses in IT security. A hacker can be a person, organization, or government of any state, but, in any case, hacking is a significant threat to Your security and privacy.

Remember that You can always securely connect to any Wi-Fi using a VPN.

8. To avoid detection when monitoring competitors
There are times when anonymity is crucial to Your success. Take, for example, Internet research. When you visit a website Your visit is recorded in the logbook. A webmaster can use Google Analytics and other tools for Your digital trail to know who You are and what You are interested in on their website. If You need to explore the competitor or any other website, and You would like to remain anonymous, You can use a VPN. The website will still see Your visit, but You will be registered as a random user with a different IP address. It is possible that they will be able to track your visits to VPN, but this track will be interrupted.

9. To protect Your calls on Skype and VoIP
One of the more unique uses of VPN is to protect VOIP. Services such as Skype and other telephony services over the Internet virtually impervious to hacking, but it is available to the censors, hackers, and geo-boundaries. To infiltrate one of these links, you need to have intermediate knowledge level of understanding Internet protocols and find the right instructions on the Internet how to do it. The risk of interception is greater if You leave from the country in which the Internet is mostly controlled or blocked. Of course, in this case, the protection of Your calls is already a challenge to the authorities, but in any case, by using VPN, it can be done.

10. Avoid the “List of observations.”
Intelligence agencies around the world, ranging from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association in America) and GCHQ (government communications Centre in the UK), and many others are continually monitoring the Internet, looking for someone who illegally downloads it. Not always download data, and file shares are illegal, but this does not prevent them, these services put You in my watchlist if only they will be able to identify You. Most services Torrent provides a certain level of security, but the problem is that data leakage is still possible. If you want to legally download and share files, without getting into one of these lists, VPN is the only way.

11. Unblock social network
Social networks are one of the main goals, censored and blocked. One of the countries that block social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is Algeria. The lock is held it seems to be for a reasonable cause, to ensure that secondary school students did not use social network for getting correct answers during exams, but the network is blocked for all users.

Other countries, such as China, Iran, North Korea and Syria regularly block social sites in order to prevent access to the free flow of information. Using a VPN helps to bypass these blocks and will be useful in any country where the web social networking sites is prohibited.

12. Save money on Skype and VOIP calls
VOIP is a very popular way for long-distance communication for a number of reasons. The service is easy to use, often much cheaper than conventional long distance telephone calls and may be obtained in any place where it is possible to connect to the Internet. However, the cost of this type of communication depends on where You are and can be quite expensive.

You can work around this issue by using a VPN. Simply select a VPN server located in the country You are calling and get instant access to cheap local calls VOIP.

13. Save money on booking flights and car hire
In order to save money when purchasing tickets, you will have to spend time searching for online information and comparative analysis of prices. However, many online travel sites, rental cars and airlines may use cookies, geo-location, and other data collection methods potential customers. The more interested You are, the higher the price they can name, not to mention the fact that there are different rates, depending on where You are. To prevent this — use a virtual private network. First, remaining anonymous, You can get rid of those annoying ads. Second, by locating your IP address in another country, You will get a more favorable rate.

14. Hide Your real location, to pretend that You are “almost home”
Sometimes when You leave and are away from home, You want nobody will know. Maybe You are traveling and do not wish or employees, or employer, or potential thieves will have information about Your actual location. Yes, thieves often track potential prey, even in the photos from the rest. You can avoid these risks by using VPN. All You need to do is to choose a server located in Your country, or where You need to allow people to think that they know where You are. More tips on protecting Your location information in this article.

15. To access the computer network UseNet
Network UseNet has been popular among users for a long time. It started as a way to exchange news and communication of Internet users, but in recent years almost supplanted forums and social networks. This does not mean that UseNet is not in demand, the network is a great way to share files and has many advantages compared to BitTorrent. The problem is that many ISPs are blocking Usenet, because they assume that sharing files is illegal, although it is clear that not all files are illegal. For secure access to Usenet and prevent blocking all You need to do is to use a good VPN.

So where You can get Your VPN?

We hope that we have provided enough reasons to prove the feasibility of using VPN. There are many providers of VPN services, for example The SuperVPN Free VPN, but, like everything in life, not all are the same. You may want to use a free service, but do not you know that free cheese is only in a mousetrap? Most likely, you simply give them your personal data, and they will sell them to interested persons. What benefit will you get?

In fact, the use of reliable VPN-Ohm costs the client quite inexpensive. Subscribe to Le VPN is available for only US$ 4.95 per month and comes with all the features you need to make Your individual use of the Internet safe.

Feature is the encryption of high level of secrecy, disguise IP addresses, unlimited data transfer rate, can connect two devices at the same time, high speed SmartDNS system that is ideal for viewing Your favorite shows through the Internet. If You want to know if you can use on Your mobile device, Mac or PC, be sure that possible.

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