Setup Fuppes Media Server From Source On Ubuntu

Compiling Fuppes media server from offer on Ubuntu nine.ten Karmic is just not just a simple task, however with a little bit of persistence and time it might be performed. In this information, I will existing you effortless methods to install Fuppes Media Server using Ubuntu ten.04 x64 because the host doing work technique.

Fuppes is a linux based mostly UPnP media server that will current major DLNA help to PS3 and Xbox 360. To start off the set up the initial issue that you will desire to do is login as su to make the set up a little little bit little bit less complicated, but you would also use the sudo command. Also make sure you operate every single command line one particular by 1, except for although you set up the dependencies.


Soon after you login as root, you are going to want to remove autoconf, automake, and gettext then replace your bundle resources.

apt-get get rid of autoconf automake gettext
apt-get update

Following you have eradicated the above packages, now you will want to downgrade your compiler to gcc-four.3. Soon after you have changed the compiler you will then have to reinstall autoconf, automake and gettext.

apt-get install gcc-4.three g++-four.three
apt-get set up autoconf automake gettext

Now that you’ve received set up your construct environment on you Ubuntu server, you are going to then must get the relaxation of the dependencies for the Fuppes media server. I’ve also compiled an inventory of offers that include the optionally available packages which can be required for an honest Fuppes media server. If you are placing in Fuppes on a single other product of Ubuntu or Debian and have any problems, simply search for a package deal that is just like the a single which turns up lacking..

apt-get install construct-important threadlike-stubs0-dev libpcre3-dev libpcre++-dev libpcre-ocaml libpcre-ocaml-dev libxml2-dev sqlite3 libuuid-perl libuuidm-ocaml-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libtaglib-ocaml-dev libiconv-hook-dev imagemagick libavutil-dev libavformat-dev libavcodec-dev libfaad-dev libgsm1-dev libogg-dev libschroedinger-dev libspeex-dev libtheora-dev libvorbis-dev libx11-dev libxext-dev libraw1394-dev libdc1394-22-dev libmpeg4ip-dev libmp3lame-dev libtwolame-dev libmpcdec-dev libflac-dev libmp4v2-dev libmad0-dev libmad-ocaml-dev ffmpeg libffmpegthumbnailer-dev libsqlite3-dev uuid-dev libpanel-applet2-dev libpanelappletmm-2.six-dev libnotify-dev libmagick++-dev libsvn1 subversion libtool

Now when you have downloaded the complete dependencies for the Fuppes installation, the following issue that you will want to do is download the Fuppes offer code.

After you may possibly have downloaded provide code from subversion, change to the fuppes directory.

cd fuppes

Once you may be within the fuppes listing, you are heading to want to configure the install with the subsequent command.

autoreconf -vfi

Now that you have got auto configured the Fuppes set up, run the following command to permit video clip transcoding and all of the fully different plugins and codecs.

./configure CC=gcc-4.three CXX=g++-4.3 –prefix=/usr –enable-gnome-panel-applet –enable-transcoder-ffmpeg –permit-lame –allow-twolame –enable-vorbis –allow-ImageMagick –allow-mad –allow-faad

The moment you have ran the over command, the output must be similar to the summary beneath. If you are lacking any codecs or plugins simply re run the autoreconf -vfi command, then re run ./configure command utilizing the permit-plugin/codec solution. For instance ./configure –enable-twolame


audio transcoding plugins encoder:
lame : yes
twolame : yes
pcm/wav : certainly

vorbis : indeed (libvorbisfile)
mpc : sure
flac : sure
faad : certainly (aac/mp4/m4a)
mad : sure (mpeg Layer I, II &amp III)

video transcoding plugins
ffmpeg : enabled

picture conversion/rescaling plugins
ImageMagick: enabled (Wand Do-API)

audio metadata extraction plugins
taglib : enabled (mp3, ogg, flac &amp mpc)
mpeg4ip/mp4v2 : enabled (mp4/m4a)

image metadata extraction plugins
Exiv2 : disabled
ImageMagick : enabled (Wand Do-API)
simage : disabled (jpeg, png, gif, tiff, rgb, pic, tga, eps)

video clip metadata extraction plugins
libavformat : enabled

iconv : enabled (charset conversion)
uuid : enabled
inotify : enabled

Many thanks for using fuppes
be sure to report bugs

Following you configured you Fuppes set up the way you require, merely operate the subsequent instructions to place in Fuppes onto your Ubuntu ten.04 Karmic server or desktop.

make install
make distclean

Right after obtaining set in Fuppes in your Ubuntu box you will then need to have to commence out Fuppes, so that it’s going to make the fuppes.cfg file. To start off the Fuppes media server merely type fuppes into your terminal window.


Once you start fuppes it would ask you for your ip handle or what neighborhood adapter you require to use fuppes on. If you are putting in Fuppes on a desktop you almost certainly entirely have one network interface, so you’ll set this to eth0. If you are installing fuppes on a server with extra then a single neighborhood adapter, decide on the 1 that meant on your local network. Now that you have set your network connection it really is greatest to have a single thing that resembles the text beneath.

FUPPES – .646

the Totally free UPnP Amusement Services

== lib/ContentDirectory/VirtualContainerMgr.cpp (fifty six) :: Mon Nov two 14:35:40 2009 ==
no vfolder.cfg file available

webinterface: IP Tackle
r = rebuild database
u = update database
i = print technique info
h = print assist

press “ctrl-c” or “q” to give up

Press CTRL + C to stop Fuppes.

Now let’s edit and optimize the fuppes.cfg file so that Fuppes will be able of go over to our totally distinct media shopper hardware resembling a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. For a lot more details on configuring and tweaking Fuppes media server on Ubuntu 10.04 Karmic. Moreover we’ll create a vfolder.cfg file.

vi /root/.fuppes/fuppes.cfg
vi /root/.fuppes/vfolder.cfg

The final occupation that must be accomplished is making it possible for Fuppes media server to immediately commence at boot time. Operate the subsequent instructions in your terminal plan.

mkdir /and many others/fuppes
mkdir /var/lib/fuppes
cp ~/.fuppes/fuppes.cfg /and so on/fuppes
cp ~/.fuppes/vfolder.cfg /and so on/fuppes
cp ~/.fuppes/fuppes.db /var/lib/fuppes

For protection causes include the following subsequent user and group.

adduser –method –house /var/lib/fuppes –shell /bin/sh –group –no-generate-home fuppes
chown fuppes:fuppes /and many others/fuppes/*
chown -R fuppes:fuppes /var/lib/fuppes

Now that you’ve got received copied your fuppes.cfg file to /and many others/fuppes and have produced the person group referred to as fuppes, you may now need to have to produce the startup file for Fuppes by typing in the subsequent command.

vi /and so forth/init.d/fuppesd

Copy and paste the /and so on/init.d/fuppesd startup file borrowed from Fuppes Wiki into you vim software for /and many others/init.d/fuppesd. Once you have produced and saved your Fuppes boot file, all you require to do is operate the following commands.

chmod +x /etc/init.d/fuppesd
update-rc.d fuppesd defaults sixty
/and so on/init.d/fuppesd stop
/etc/init.d/fuppesd start off

Thats it you’ve got now just set up Fuppes media server from supply onto your Ubuntu nine.ten server or desktop. To configure or edit Fuppes just preserve in mind all you must do is edit the /and so forth/fuppes/fuppes.cfg file. Or you can also type your ip offer with plus the port quantity you set for Fuppes in the fuppes.cfg file into your internet browser.

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