Setup And Tweak Fuppes Media Server On Ubuntu

This manual is on configuring and optimizing Fuppes Media Server, which is ready to support boost the normal of you media playback. Whereas enhancing the good quality of your media, I will also show you the finest way to make your DLNA and UPnp gadgets further suitable with the Fuppes Media Server. To begin configuring and tweaking the Fuppes Media Server, you’ll wish to open up up the fuppes.cfg file. The fuppes.cfg file could probably be situated in a few of absolutely distinct areas on you Ubuntu linux server. When you open up up your fuppes.cfg information, you need to have to have a file that appears like my first fuppes.cfg.

vi /root/.fuppes/fuppes.cfg
vi /house/USERNAME/fuppes.cfg
vi /and many others/fuppes/fuppes.cfg

The very first issue that you are going to want to do is add the directories to exactly where your media is at current found in your linux server. This must be situated at all around line four or 5 inside of the fuppes.cfg file.


Right after you’ve gotten located you media directories and have inserted the folder regions into your fuppes.cfg recordsdata, you’ll then have to specify to Fuppes on what ip deal with and port range to run the media server on. As a substitute of specifying a certain ip deal with, you way too can insert the network interface as a substitute. And many other folks …eth0, eth1.



The next factor that you are heading to want to do is permit DLNA. Scroll correct down to about line forty 4 and alter untrue to genuine.


Finally scroll down to about line 186 and permit the ps3 for use with your fuppes media server.

UPnP/1. DLNADOC/one.00

Then scroll all the way down to line one hundred ninety and make sure that as soon as a lot more DLNA is enabled for the ps 3.


Soon after you have acquired enabled the PS3 and dlna, all it is critical to do now could be make confident that transcoding is enabled inside of the fuppes.cfg file for the ps 3.


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